АлМа Савиќ ДООЕЛ

Alma SAVIK DOOEL is family company with long tradition in producing and trading with fruits and vegetables and intention for promoting and placing on the foreign markets. We are working and we are in direct contact with the manufacturers of fruits and vegetables, and we are working without middle man and we are in the first level in producing the products.

Alma SAVIK DOOEL is serious company, which is trustable and ontime distributor of fruit and vegetable for domestic and foreign market and offers wide variety of products from domestic and foreign sources. We guarantee quality products and different quantities, fast forwarding and acceptable price, for long term partnership with our domestic and foreign clients.

Alma SAVIK DOOEL is located in South-Eastern Macedonia between Bogdanci and Gevgelija, just few kilometres from Greek border. Good geographical position and Mediterranean climate in combination with humid ground and nearby Vardar river, at this Mediterranean region different Mediterranean producta are growing.

As a result of the large amounf of sunny days, around 240 days year round, with around 2392 hours of sun, the region is offering succesful growing of many products, as winter cabbageа are growing only in this part of Macedonia. Humid ground and clean ecological surrounding, because of the nearby Kozuf mountain are helping with ecologically clean products.

In the past experience with the manufacturing and acquisition of fruit and vegetables in collaboration with the best individual agricultural manufacturers from our region and further, helps us to provide satisfying products to our clients.

Our company is always open for collaboration with loyal and honour clients for long term relationship in mutual interest.

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АлМа Савиќ ДООЕЛ е семејна компанија со долга традиција во производството и трговија на овошје и зеленчук и тенденција на нивна промоција и пласман на странските пазари. 
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Ал Ма Савик ДООЕЛ се бави со  производство, откуп, калибрирање и пакување на овошје и зеленчук и пласирање како на домашните така и на странските пазари.

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Ние низ годините имаме стекната долгогодишно работно искуство во производството и набавката на овошје и зеленчук и сме во директна соработка со најдобрите индивидуални земјоделски кооперанти како од нашиот регион така и пошироко, што ни обезбедува задоволување на побарувачката на нашите клиенти.

Нашата компанија е секогаш отворена за соработка со

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